Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...
Carretilla elevadora eléctrica...

Carretilla elevadora eléctrica contrapesada de 4 ruedas Hyster J5.5XN

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The powerful J5.5XN large-capacity electric forklifts boast excellent manoeuvrability, a zero-turning radius and low operating costs thanks to its customisable performance settings that achieve the correct balance between energy efficiency and performance.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Machine type
Electric forklift trucks

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
3090/5890 mm
Closed height
2320/4020 mm
Mast type
Duplex Vista / Triplex Vista
Load Centre
600 mm
Turning radius
Battery Capacity
80 / 840-930V/Ah
Hydraulic Controls
Levers / Joystick / Minilevers
Wheels condition ( approx. )
Pneumatic/Superelastic/Superelastic Anti-marking


4336 mm
1451 mm
2338 mm
8867 KG

Other features

Lateral displacement


This J5.5XN large-capacity electric forklift range is designed to work outdoors and indoors in warehouses. This robust Hyster J5.5XN electric forklift can achieve performance similar to that of an ICE (thermal) forklift and has low power consumption in the metal, wood, beverage, bottling, paper, pulp, paper and automotive industries, among others.

The features of the Hyster J5.5XN four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are:

  • The Hyster J5.5XN electric forklift is truly robust. It is designed to work in demanding and intensive warehouse operations indoors and outdoors and features a robust chassis, IP65 rated drive shaft and a special rigid mast for large loads to obtain excellent load handling capacity and is stable and fast.
  • It features proven and reliable components, such as VSM (Vehicle Systems Controller), AC motors and sealed electrical connectors, which ensure this J5.5XN four-wheel counterbalanced electric forklift has a long service life.
  • This range of Hyster J5.5XN large-capacity electric forklifts has a competitive travel speed of up to 20 km/h (21 km/h without load) that matches the performance of internal combustion (ICE) forklifts and can meet the demands of intensive applications.  The double AC traction motors that this J5.5XN electric forklift has on the front wheels offer smooth acceleration and immediate direction changes, regenerative braking and the powerful lift motor provide this J5.5XN forklift with excellent handling capabilities.
  • The zero-turn radius steer axle and dual AC drive motor, along with its compact dimensions, provide this J5.5XN forklift with excellent manoeuvrability in narrow aisles where space may be limited.
  • The J5.5XN large-capacity electric forklift can achieve significantly reduced operating costs thanks to its longer battery life and the use of maintenance-free components such as oil-bath disc brakes, brushless AC motors, thermal protection incorporated into traction motors and advanced cooling system.
  • This Hyster J5.5XN forklift has easily accessible components and VSM and CANbus technology, which together with on-board diagnostics help to ensure maintenance planning is much easier and faster, with much more precise fault location,  thereby minimising the downtime and costs associated with routine maintenance.