Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift

Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift

Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift

Hyster's rugged and reliable J2.2XN series of four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts offers superior zero-turning radius great manoeuvrability and the highest energy efficiency in its class, which contributes to this J2.2XN forklift's very low operating costs.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
3390/6000 mm
Closed height
2195/2995 mm
Mast type
Duplex Vista / Triplex Vista
Turning radius
Battery Capacity
80 / 560V/Ah
Hydraulic Controls
Palancas / Joystick / Minilevers
Wheels condition ( approx. )
Neumáticas/Superelásticas/Superelásticas Antihuella


3336 mm
1173 /1289 mm
2193 mm
4520 KG


This Hyster J2.2XN four-wheel electric forklift is fully suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, especially in the logistics, food and beverage, manufacturing, wood and automotive industries.

The features of the Hyster J2.2XN four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are:

  • This Hyster J2.2XN electric forklift can work long and demanding shifts mainly thanks to the powerful AC motor technology used for traction and lifting.
  • This range of J2.2XN four-wheel forklifts is available in Advance or Advance+ configuration. The Advance+ configuration for this J2.2XN forklift is designed to work in intensive operations over long distances and lift heights that correspond to the power of the motor with which it is equipped.
  • The extraordinarily strong Hyster J2.2XN forklift features a robust chassis, long-life components and a strong mast.
  • The dual 10 kW AC front-wheel-drive motors on this range of Hyster J2.2XN forklifts provide smooth acceleration and fast travel and direction changes. Adding the combination of regenerative braking and a powerful lifting motor to this Hyster J2.2XN range, this electric forklift can have excellent load handling capabilities in the most demanding applications.
  • Also featuring the dual AC traction motors in this Hyster J2.2XN range, the propeller shaft of this forklift provides a zero-turn radius axle for faster and tighter manoeuvrability in tight aisles or around congested loading and unloading docks.  The rear wheels of the J2.2XN four-wheel electric forklift rotate more than 90°, which contributes to the J2.2XN forklift being able to rotate within its own circle as if it were an electric three-wheel forklift.
  • The adjustable performance can be configured on this J2.2XN electric forklift, providing the Hyster J2.2XN range with the optimal balance between productivity and energy efficiency and also enabling the robust J2.2XN forklift to achieve higher levels of productivity and lower energy consumption within in its class, helping to reduce operating costs.
  • The uninterrupted uptime of this J2.2XN electric forklift is increased thanks to its easy side battery removal system, which means the J2.2XN can be used uninterruptedly for longer periods of time.
  • Reliable and virtually maintenance-free components such as oil-bath disc brakes, brushless AC motors, built-in thermal protection in the traction motors and advanced cooling system lower the operating costs of this Hyster J2.2XN forklift.  The HSM system (Hyster Forklift Stability Mechanism) is maintenance-free.
  • The vibrations of this J2.2XN forklift transmitted to the driver's body are lower than any other forklift on the market, isolating the driver from excessive shocks and jolts while the forklift is in operation.