Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift
Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift
Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift

Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift

Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift

The latest addition to Hyster's 'electric' forklift range is the compact 24-volt, rear-wheel-drive A1.3XNT series.  This new range of forklifts offers the economy, performance, manoeuvrability and reliability required for light to medium working applications.

All the power and reliability in an inexpensive electric forklift.

Main characteristics


Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
2860/5500 mm
Closed height
1980/3180 mm
Mast type
Duplex Vista Plus / Duplex Vista / Triplex Vista Plus
Turning radius
Battery Capacity
24 / 735-875V/Ah
Hydraulic Controls
Palancas / Joystick / Minilevers
Wheels condition ( approx. )
Neumáticas/Superelásticas/Superelásticas Antihuella


2724 mm
996 / 1056 mm
2060 mm


The Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift maintains a lower acquisition cost and low operating costs. The A1.3XNT forklift is an economical electric forklift that offers very good results in various warehouse operations with tight spaces or for unloading containers and lorries.

The features of this Hyster A1.3XNT electric counterbalanced forklift are:

  • The robust chassis and mast typical of all Hyster handlers combined with top-quality components ensures the long-term reliability and durability of this Hyster A1.3XNT electric forklift.
  • It has a powerful AC motor, included in the entire range of forklifts for lifting, steering and traction, which are maintenance-free and ensure reliable operation on long shift work with a high speed with load of 12 km/h and high speed lifting of 0.3 m/s.
  • As this A1.3XNT electric forklift is one of the most compact in its class with capacities of 1300 kg and 1500 kg and, having a total forklift width of just 996 mm, it provides maximum support for stacking pallets by blocks when there are limitations in warehouse space. It has a tight turning radius, the best in its class, enabling the 1300 kg A1.3XNT to work faster in aisles with widths of just 3053 mm.
  • This A1.3XNT rear wheel drive electric forklift features the industry's highest serviceability, with intelligent on-board diagnostics and 1000 hour/6-month service intervals. This range of 24V forklifts can be maintained without removing the battery. These A1.3XNT forklifts have self-adjusting brakes as well as a number of other smart service features.