Eagle Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted...
Eagle Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted...

Eagle Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted platform

Eagle Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted platform

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Buy the Eagle Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted platform from Oil&Steel new. It has a telescopic arm with a working height of 50 m and a reach of 31 metres.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Machine type
Truck mounted platforms

General features

Working Height
50.7 meters

Lifting characteristics

Basket Dimensions
2400x1000x1150 meters
Side Reach
28.5 meters
Platform Height
48.7 meters


11215 mm
2500 mm
3970 mm


Oil&Steel platforms are highly stable and robust platforms that can be used to carry out difficult jobs with great precision and manoeuvring delicacy. 

The EAGLE Phoenix 5031 lorry-mounted platform is equipped with two extendable articulated jibs, so that it can move around obstacles with extremely precise movements when approaching work areas. This type of machine also has a new aluminium basket with the same safety guarantees as traditional steel platforms. 

This Oil&Steel range is innovative with the hydraulic pipes and electrical lines inserted into the telescopic arms, which increases protection against external factors. 

It is very simple to handle and it has the best safety systems. This lorry-mounted platform also has various accessories that increase its versatility and adaptability to any industry. These accessories include:

  • Anemometer / Wind meter
  • Power generator 220 V ac single-phase, 380 V ac three-phase 8 K with hydraulic coupler and column distribution board (with auxiliary motor).
  • Video intercom system between ground and platform (optional, included in the Live Work package)
  • Light (60W) on the platform powered by the lorry's batteries
  • Automatic stabilisation kit plus bilateral electrical control activation
  • Trolley
  • Telephone station on platform with touch screen keyboard and hands-free system (optional, included in the Live Work package)