Diesel Forklift Clark C 60 - 70 - 80 GEN
Diesel Forklift Clark C 60 - 70 - 80 GEN

Clark C 60 - 70 - 80 GEN diesel forklift truck

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It has a load capacity ranging from 6,000 kg to 8,000 kg load capacity.

  • DEUTZ 36.L engine
  • Has a center of gravity of 600 mm
  • Reaches 7,800 mm lifting height
  • 3 electronically switched automatic speeds (forward/reverse)
  • Superelastic wheels (double front wheels)
  • STD and TSU masts
  • Integral sideshift
  • Complete set of lights
  • Engine shutdown system in case of overheating or transmission problem
  • Open-Cor radiator system for easier cooling
  • TFT display
  • Complete set of lights and safety systems
  • FEM IV axle type sideshift
  • Oil-immersed braking system
  • Gradeability up to 41% loaded gradeability

Main characteristics

Engine type
Motor brand
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

General features

Height Elevation
7,8 meters

Industry features

Load capacity
6000 - 8000 KG
Mast type
Side shifter
FEM IV axle type

Lifting characteristics



Great maneuverability, easy maintenance, remarkable flexibility, extreme reliability

With the combination of a 90 hp diesel engine, a fully automatic 3-speed transmission, oil-immersed disc brakes and a rugged chassis design, the GEN2 C60-80 delivers the exceptional performance, maneuverability and durability you've come to expect from the CLARK brand.

Parking brake

It has a simple, safe, manual brake. This is achieved by the transmission disengaging when the parking brake is engaged to prevent driving with the brakes locked.

Optional operator's cab

Unique overhead guard design maximizes visibility without obstructing the door pillars for maximum visibility. Includes 180° folding and locking doors. The door recesses and locks into the vehicle chassis when fully opened.

Robust mast and chassis

All cylinders, chains and lift hoses are mounted within the rail profile. The truck also features hydraulic dampening valves that produce quiet sequential operation, reducing jolts and vibrations

The chassis has 8 load rollers and 4 side-push rollers that maximize load distribution and reduce backlash.

Operator's cab

  • Fully adjustable, full-suspension seat with 6 cm vertical travel and 20° backrest adjustment range, 15 cm longitudinal adjustment and contoured for added support. Includes a retractable seat belt.
  • Thick molded mat reduces vibration and noise levels and improves operator comfort.
  • Front, rear, brake and turn signals are mounted high to prevent damage.
  • Tilting and adjustable steering column to suit the operator and facilitate entry/exit.
  • Hydraulic controls on the hood, sized for ease of use and strategically located for comfortable operation.