Diesel Forklift Clark C 40-45-50-55 s D
Diesel Forklift Clark C 40-45-50-55 s D

Diesel forklift Clark C 40-45-50-55 s D

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This forklift has a load capacity starting at 4,000 kg and reaching up to 5,500 kg. It has masts with a lifting height of up to 7,000 mm, which give the machine great visibility. Among its equipment it has inclined rollers that improve its adjustment and favor less wear of the bearings.


  • DEUTZ TD 3.6 DSL diesel engine
  • 2-speed automatic transmission (electronically commutated)
  • Ramp percentage up to 52.2%
  • Oil-immersed disc brake system
  • Superelastic wheels
  • 1,070 mm forks
  • Integral sideshift
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Complete set of lights and safety systems
  • Vertical exhaust
  • Load protector
  • The entire cabin has been designed with driver ergonomics in mind
  • The pedals are similar to those of automobiles and ensure smooth maneuvering with very little effort, providing more space for foot support
  • The steering column is adjustable, allowing the driver to select the most comfortable position
  • Large residual load capacity

Main characteristics

Engine type
Motor brand
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

General features

Height Elevation
7 meters

Industry features

Load capacity
4000 - 5500 KG
Fork Dimension
1070 mm

Other features

2-speed automatic (electronically commutated)


Durability and high performance in demanding applications

The GEN2 C40-55s GEN2 series is designed to meet any challenge. The open core radiator and finned plates provide optimum engine, transmission and axle cooling, which helps this diesel truck adapt to the harshest environments and most demanding applications.

Designed for extreme environments

The C40-55s series is equipped with a two-stage air filter system that removes 98% of dust and debris before it enters the filtration system. Nested vertical rails provide positive rail interlocking and a narrow profile to maximize the field of view. Top guard rails are parallel to the operator's line of sight, providing a clear, unobstructed view.

Standard features and benefits

Parking brake

Simple and fail-safe. The brake is actuated with a hand lever and the transmission disengages when the parking brake is engaged to prevent driving with the brakes locked.

Mast and chassis

Robust construction

This robustness is achieved with an I-profile mast and rails that are 55% stronger than conventional flat rails. Together with improved lateral deflection resistance, it facilitates increased truck life and improved stability under high loads.

Its hydraulic dampening valves feature quiet sequential operation that reduces jolts and vibrations. Sealed, sloped, wedged load rollers maximize load distribution and reduce backlash.

Steering axle

Steering pivot bearings are tapered and greaseable for longer machine life. These connecting pivots have a double shear design to withstand impacts without loosening or breaking.

Operator's compartment

CLARK safety seat with:

  • 6" (15 cm) longitudinal adjustment.
  • Molded for added support
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Weight adjustment and full suspension available

Operator presence sensor system (optional): Hydraulic and transmission functions are disabled when the operator leaves his seat.

Thick molded mat has two key features:

  • Reduce vibration and noise levels
  • Improve operator comfort

Hydraulic controls on the hood

Low front end design: greatly increases visibility of the fork and load.

Tilting steering column: can be adjusted to suit the operator for easy entry/exit.