Diesel Forklift Clark C 20-25-30-35 D
Diesel Forklift Clark C 20-25-30-35 D

Clark C 20-25-30-35 D diesel forklift truck

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This truck provides a maximum load capacity ranging from 2,000 kg to 3,500 kg.

It has masts up to 7,315 mm lifting height with high visibility, equipped with inclined rollers that provide better adjustment and less wear on bearings.


  • ISUZU 4LE2X diesel engine
  • High residual load capacity
  • Ramp percentage up to 51%
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Superelastic wheels
  • Vertical exhaust
  • 1,070 mm forks
  • Integral sideshift
  • Load protector
  • Hydraulic transmission, automatic
  • Complete set of lights and safety systems
  • The entire cab has been designed with the driver's ergonomics in mind
  • Pedals are car-like and ensure smooth maneuvering with very little effort, leaving plenty of room for foot support
  • The adjustable steering column allows the driver to select the most comfortable position

Main characteristics

Engine type
Motor brand
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

General features

Height Elevation
7,315 meters

Industry features

Load capacity
2000 - 3500 KG
Fork Dimension
1070 mm

Other features

Automatic hydraulics


High durability, high performance, extreme environments, demanding applications

The GEN2 series is designed to tackle any task that gets in its way. The separate radiator ensures optimum cooling for the transmission and provides maximum cooling for the engine, transmission and axle in the harshest conditions and most demanding applications. Options include cabs with individual doors or folding doors.

Hydraulic system

The use of a load-sensing flow control valve for steering reduces power loss and maintains heat build-up.

For optimum performance, the main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions.

It has a sectional design that incorporates additional features to simplify maintenance.


  • Neutral start: Until the gearshift lever is in neutral, the engine cannot start.
  • Tilt lock valve: prevents accidental forward tilting of the mast when the engine is off.
  • Automatic locking gas shock absorber: prevents accidental closing of the hood.
  • Safety valve: prevents accidental uncontrolled lowering of the mast in case of damage to the oil pressure hose.
  • No forward or reverse travel is possible as long as the parking brake is activated.

Robust mast and chassis

The L-profile mast maximizes the visibility and robustness of this truck, allowing the internal distribution of hoses and cables. The six chassis rollers and two side thrust rollers minimize deflection and side play, reducing roller contact wear and extending component life.

This truck achieves quiet sequential rail operation thanks to hydraulic dampening valves, reducing jolts during lifting and lowering.

Operator's cab

Includes a fully adjustable seat with the following features:

  • 6 cm vertical travel
  • 20° backrest adjustment range
  • 15 cm longitudinal adjustment
  • Contoured for added support
  • Non-tightening retractable seat belt

This truck offers optimum operator comfort through its thick molded mat that reduces vibration and noise levels, electronic directional controllers and tilt steering column.