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H3.0FT Counterbalanced LPG or diesel forklift

Hyster H3.0FT diesel forklift truck

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The Hyster H3.0FT forklift is one of the strongest and most fuel-efficient internal combustion (IC) forklifts on the market.

The most popular series of IC forklifts, the H3.0FT internal combustion from Hyster's FORTENS range, has very low operating costs and continuous power in the toughest indoor and outdoor applications.

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3000 kg

Product Details
Engine type
Diesel or LPG
Motor brand
Yanmar 2.6L / 3.0L /3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPG
Load capacity
3000 KG
Lift Height (Industry)
5815 mm
Electronic Powershift 1-speed / DuraMatch 1-speed / DuraMatch 2 2-speed
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

With a choice of 2.6 L, 3.0 L and 3.3 L diesel motors or 2.4 L and 2.5 L LPG motors, these Hyster H3.0FT forklifts are now supplied with the new ECO-eLo fuel-efficiency mode activated, making them one of the most fuel-efficient IC forklifts on the market.

This range of Hyster H3.0FT forklifts is available in the market with Fortens, Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations, depending on the response needed for specific application requirements, regardless of their intensity.

Hyster H3.0FT counterbalanced LPG and diesel forklift features:

  • They are built with a robust chassis and a highly-resistant mast design, which optimises load capacity maintenance at high lifting heights while maintaining excellent visibility and rigidity in all models.
  • ECO-eLo fuel efficiency mode helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, with a limited effect on forklift productivity overall.
  • The hydraulics in this Fortens Load Sensing (LSH) range make it easy to increase the productivity of the H3.0FT forklift while also reducing fuel consumption, thereby offering considerable savings on total application costs.
  1.  All the powertrains in this range of Hyster H3.0FT forklifts are controlled, protected and managed by the on-board industrial computer, Pacesetter VSM™, which has a CANbus communications network.
  • You can choose between electronic powershift transmission,  DuraMatch™ transmission featuring a 1-speed, automatic deceleration system, controlled reverse gear and controlled reverse on ramps, or a DuraMatch™ dual transmission with two speeds, featuring the above plus the additional two-speed functionality - a lower first gear for more power on the drawbar and a longer second gear to obtain top speeds on long runs.
  1.  The standard Fortens model, which has an electronic powershift transmission
  2.  The Fortens Advance model, equipped with the DuraMatch™ transmission, which provides smoother direction changes to eliminate shock loads and extend the  service life of the clutch kits, the service life of the brake and tyres and avoiding wear on the transmission.
  3.  Fortens Advance+ models, equipped with DuraMatch™ or DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmission. The DuraMatch™ Plus2 also features an additional two-speed feature with dynamic auto deceleration system, throttle response management and auto speed hydraulics.
  • The Fortens Advance and Advance+ options include oil-bath brakes that help to reduce maintenance requirements and enhance the H3.0FT forklift's operating safety.
  • Hyster's exclusive maintenance-free stability mechanism (HSM) improves lateral stability without affecting the forklift's movement over uneven surfaces.
  • The driver's compartment also has an innovative design that offers easy access and excellent visibility in all directions and on all controls.
  • To optimise driver comfort, the full-suspension seat and isolated powertrain contribute to achieving a vibration level as low as 0.6m/s2, and the noise levels that affect the driver's ears are also very low, for example 79dB(A) for the 2.5 tonne diesel and LPG models.  
  •  Full rear-opening, one-piece built-in bonnet service access contributes to fast and efficient maintenance. The simplified wiring and hydraulics design offers very easy access to components, facilitating and reducing service times for unscheduled repairs as well as regular maintenance.


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