Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD
Hyster heavy-duty forklift H8XD

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The most universal heavy-duty forklift models are the latest heavy duty H8-12XD models from Hyster® that provide high visibility and optimal power and reliability, making it easier than ever to handle and move large loads.

A range of heavy-duty Hyster forklifts with great power and suitable for the toughest applications.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Motor brand
Cummins QSB 4.5L / 6.7L Diesel
Machine type
Large tonnage trucks

Industry features

Load Centre
600 mm


Each model in this Hyster H8-12XD range provides exceptional power and reliability with the ability to quickly change attachments, as well as optimum visibility of the forks, attachment and load.

These Hyster H8XD heavy-duty forklifts stand out for their productivity in the harshest environments, offering very low cost of ownership, especially for handling metal, construction materials and paper as well as port applications with extensive duty cycles and extreme operating conditions, for which this range of H8-12XD forklifts is the most suitable.

The features of the Hyster H8XD heavy-duty forklifts are:

  • This range of Hyster heavy-duty forklifts features a robust chassis and wide propeller shaft, ensuring "rock solid" stability as well as long-term durability when handling loads at full capacity.
  • The H8XD range of forklifts has two-stage masts with an extended range of pin-type or hitch-type boards.
  • The greater spacing between the mast channels on the Hyster H8XD heavy-duty forklift provides better visibility of the attachment and load.
  • Operators using this type of H8XD forklift can now look across and over the board, providing optimal visibility levels for manoeuvring on the ground and on the lorry platform.
  • This range of H8XD heavy-duty forklifts feature the ability to quickly change attachments thanks to the Dual Function Side Shift Fork Positioning (DFSSFP) board with hitch mount for quick disconnect.
  • This Hyster H8XD forklift has best-in-class lift speeds of 0.40 m/s to 0.69 m/s with full nominal capacity loads up to 6250 mm.
  • This range of heavy-duty forklifts is created in compliance with Phase IV regulations, to produce lower emissions and up to 20% fuel savings compared to previous product generations.
  • The Phase IV compliant versions of the H8XD forklift have Cummins QSB4.5 diesel motors with a maximum power of 122 kW at just 2300 rpm.
  • In addition to Cummins motor technologies, Hyster has also introduced new developments to improve performance in this range of H8XD forklifts, such as demand cooling, load-sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate motor idle speed, to help further reduce overall fuel consumption in most applications.
  • All models in this H8-12XD forklift range feature oil-bath 'wet disc' brakes with oil cooling for durability and virtually no maintenance.
  • THE H8XD has unobstructed access to the motor compartment, which contributes to quick and efficient maintenance.
  • The CANbus communications system of the H8XD forklift is used to manage the electronic systems, ensuring reliable operation of the forklift.
  • This range of Hyster heavy-duty forklifts comes standard with driver assistance equipment and features, including a driver's vision camera.
  • Its closed mast is now a lower height and the full range is less than 2.55 m wide.
  • The H8XD range of forklifts is built to work with extreme ambient temperature values of -18°C to 50°C, making these forklifts suitable for the diverse and demanding needs of heavy industry anywhere in the world.