Tennant 2370 floor polisher
Tennant 2370 floor polisher
Tennant 2370 floor polisher

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The ultra-fast speed Tennant 2370 floor rotary with dust control polishes floors using 1700 rpm pad rotation and easy controls. Gives the floor the final touch with Tennant's commercial cleaning machine. Applications include supermarkets, offices, healthcare centres, hospitals, educational facilities and cleaning contractors. 

Main characteristics





The high-speed rotary with dust control achieves exceptional shine on coated floors, increases wear resistance and is quick and easy to maintain. 

The Tennant 2370 is ergonomically constructed, ideal for use on hard or flexible coated floors such as wood, laminate, tile, PVC and linoleum. The Tennant 2370 is perfect for use in noise sensitive environments such as shops, hospitals, offices and educational establishments. 

This floor polisher provides a glossy finish with ultra-fast speed with dust control, so that uneven floors can be polished with the free-floating head. 

The training time required to use the machine is also reduced thanks to the simple controls on the rotary. It maintains great indoor air quality and reduces airborne dust during cleaning thanks to the standard dust control. 

Features of the 2370 ultra-fast floor polisher with dust control

  • Excellent shine results thanks to the powerful 1700 rpm spin of the pad. 
  • Smooth and even floor shining provided by the variable 15-45 lb/7-20 kg pressure.
  • It allows cleaning at any time thanks to its 66 dBA noise level and low vibrations. This machine provides extra comfort to the operator.