BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift...
BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift...
BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift platform
BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift platform
BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift...
BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift...

BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift platform

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The BRAVI Sprint TL lifting platform for tyres is a totally innovative piece of equipment, whose objective is to protect the operator and increase operator productivity, efficiency and safety. 

Main characteristics

Engine type

General features

Working Height
5,35 meters

Industry features

Load capacity
130 + 100 KG
Battery Capacity

Lifting characteristics

Platform Height
3.35 meters


2243 mm
809 mm
1601 mm
660 KG


The BRAVI Sprint TL tyre lift platform is designed to optimise space and efficiently manage time. This platform can reach 5.3 metres, eliminating the risks and the possibility of injuries caused by manual movement thanks to the innovative lifting compartment system. 

With an innovative and compact design, it is ideal for narrow areas where it is not possible to access using a forklift, thanks to its steering system that can fully rotate on its own axis. 

This platform has a control panel equipped with a large LCD screen that shows the vehicle status, the system's operating time and the battery status through a charge indicator. Its high-cycle batteries enable it to carry out a high number of uphill and downhill cycles or 28 km of travel. 

It is an efficient, versatile, safe and durable lifting platform. 

Why choose the BRAVI Sprint TL?

  • The BRAVI Sprint TL lifting platform is efficient and versatile. This equipment raises the operator and tyres to the desired height, thereby increasing performance. 
  • The Sprint TL consists of four long-lasting 24-volt rechargeable batteries that can work all day long, reducing the time spent on tyre recovery and movement and improving operator efficiency. 
  • The Sprint TL's sturdy steel structure and chassis enables tyre handling up to 100 kg, providing extraordinary operator safety.
  • Using traditional methods, two people are required to do this job, while with the BRAVI Sprint TL, a single operator can load the tyres and lift them autonomously, increasing productivity and avoiding manual movement-related injuries. 
  • The innovative lift mast is maintenance-free, while the meticulous selection of high-quality components and its extremely simple design make this tyre lift platform virtually maintenance-free. A simple, efficient and comfortable machine that is the result of more than 10 years of continuous technical improvements.