The latest generation driveable Bravi Leonardo HD lifting platform can now completely replace ladders, scaffolding and even traditional platforms in all operations in construction situations. With a 5-metre height, it is ideal for new construction and renovation works.

The uniqueness of Bravi products responds to the real needs of the market. They have been created with the end user in mind, with meticulous selection of components and paying special attention to feedback from customers.

Benefits of the Bravi Leonardo HD lifting platform

This lifting platform features greater strength and robustness thanks to a new all-steel chassis and bonnet, providing excellent manoeuvrability in tough work environments and featuring a pothole protection mechanism.


It can be driven at a maximum height of 4.9 metres with the platform fully extended, with a full load (180 kg) and at an automatic slow speed of 0.6 km/hour. It also has a tilt sensor, audible alarm, flashing light and an active pothole protection mechanism.

It must be kept in mind that the WHO estimates that there are 646,000 fatal falls each year, with falls from ladders being the main cause of death on construction sites. Implementing the Leonardo HD in commercial projects is effective preventive action to avoid accidents and the associated socio-economic costs.


The Leonardo HD requires little maintenance thanks to the careful selection of high-quality components and an extremely simple design. The only task that this equipment demands is to check the water level in the batteries. The lifting mast is maintenance-free.

Since 2018, this platform has been able to be equipped with 100 Ah 12V AGM batteries, which provide a longer work cycle between charges.

Efficiency and versatility

The Leonardo HD can be easily driven through doors and into tight spaces requiring the use of scaffolding or ladders.

A revolutionary size, versatile manoeuvrability and a featherweight of just 510 kg, this platform can fit easily into most elevators, reach upper floors effortlessly and pass through standard doors without requiring the operator to leave the platform.

Bravi Leonardo HD main features

Here are some of the main features of the Bravi Leonardo HD lifting platform:

Heavy duty joystick

It has an extremely resistant joystick with a versatile and ultra-compact design, with fully proportional lift and drive. This device is resistant thanks to the durable housing and kingpin design, making it ideal for high work cycle applications.

The handle is fully sealed and all components are corrosion resistant.

New entry door

This platform features a single steel swing door for easy entry and exit, with heavy duty stainless steel hinges and suitable for heavy duty applications and extreme durability.

The new convenient entry step together with the edge of the basket built into the door also ensure a low access height to the platform.

Battery life and recharging

With a fully charged battery, it can travel more than 12 km and complete 250 ascent and descent cycles.

The equipment's battery charger system automatically stops charging when it is complete and the battery status can be checked on board.

One person per platform

Without a doubt, the Leonardo HD is a revolutionary platform that offers a smaller workspace for a single worker, which greatly increases productivity.

Zero turn and a compact footprint enable these lifting platforms to access the work area while maintaining health and safety standards.

Work material can be loaded onto the Leonardo HD and now there is space on the floor for materials and tools. This machine offers flexibility and reliability for a wide variety of applications and activities.

Updates over the years of the Leonardo HD

Over the years, the Bravi Leonardo HD has incorporated the following updates:

  • All-steel chassis and canopies are preferable in harsh working environments.
  • The front and the rear wheels are wider, which further increases the platform's adhesion to the surface, thus ensuring a much better driving experience, especially when fully raised.
  • Active Pothole Protection System: increased ground clearance 92 mm.
  • Integrated Forklift Pockets - Telescopic Handler Size
  • Large LCD display on ground control with clear indication of machine status and diagnostics.
  • All-steel chassis and canopies are preferable in harsh working environments
  • Integrated Forklift Pockets - Telescopic Handler Size
  • Extremely easy access to batteries and major components.
  • The upper control box now has only a PC board, treated with resin for much greater resistance to water and dust entry, for example when the machine is washed with a water pressure cleaner.
  • The battery indicator no longer shows the battery charge with LED light, a number appears on the LCD to indicate the remaining charge percentage.
  • Alarm Codes in the upper control box: When a problem is detected in the machine, the LCD screen in the upper control box indicates the alarm code (in the previous one, there was only a LED flashing light).

Bravi Leonardo HD dimensions

A solution with endless possibilities, an extremely agile machine, even in highly congested construction projects and in crowded operating environments. This equipment increases worker productivity. With an ultra compact design, low weight, spacious platform and unrivalled ground clearance, this is the perfect product for a large number of applications in different sectors.