Hyster J1.6XNT three-wheel electric forklift

Hyster's innovative range of three-wheel electric forklifts includes the Hyster J1.6XNT electric forklift, one of the best-selling on the market.

Without a doubt, the Hyster range is one of the most productive and energy efficient on the market. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Hyster J1.6XNT Electric forklift features

The Hyster J1.6XNT electric forklift is highly robust and energy efficient, with lower operating costs. It has the best manoeuvrability among forklifts in its class and also provides optimal balance between energy performance and consumption with reduced maintenance requirements.

The Hyster J1.6 XNT is the perfect forklift for demanding and intensive indoor and outdoor applications, with a load capacity of 1600 kg and a lift height of 5500 mm.

Here are the features of this model:

  • It has the lowest energy consumption compared to electric forklifts in its class, thereby lowering operating costs in the most demanding work applications.
  • It is one of the most balanced and robust electric lift forklifts on the market, thanks to its frame construction combined with steel hoods and durable side covers to protect against impact damage.
  • It is perfect for working in narrow aisles thanks to the intelligent design of its axles combined with the small frame, which enables quick manoeuvrability.
  • This model can work with great reliability and on longer uninterrupted shifts thanks to the powerful AC motor technology used for lifting and traction. The regenerative braking combined with the front AC drive wheel allows for smooth acceleration, efficient load handling and excellent torque and travel performance.
  • The use of long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free components achieves low operating costs and high reliability. These components include an advanced cooling system, oil bath disc brakes, AC brushless motors or traction motors with built-in thermal protection.
  • This forklift has on-board diagnostics, which helps to quickly locate faults and simplify maintenance planning. Easy access to components such as the pump, motor, controller and oil tank minimises costs and downtime.

Hyster J1.6 XNT forklift features

Productivity, safe operation, ergonomics, serviceability and low cost of ownership are the features of the Hyster J1.6XNT electric forklift:

Operational safety

  • Robust and proven mast design for reliable, high-performance lifting and high visibility.
  • High resistance to impact thanks to steel roofs and bonnets.
  • It has Hall-effect sensors in the transmission, which make this forklift more reliable and reduces downtime. Its enclosed traction motors with IP54 and IP65 protection in the controls prevent the entry of dust and water, reducing the probability of forklift breakdown.
  • It has maximum uninterrupted uptime throughout the life of the product due to the use of o-ring face seals in the hydraulics, sealed electrical connectors and LED lights.
  • The electronic steering system reduces and simplifies hydraulic circuits, reducing the possibility of leaks and simplifying maintenance.


  • Power assisted steering increases productivity while maintaining excellent battery life.
  • Thanks to the compact length of the frame and the robust steering axle, this forklift can turn in tight corners, providing excellent manoeuvrability in narrow aisles or congested loading/unloading areas.
  • Its electrical braking system provides service braking using regenerative motor braking, which translates into longer uninterrupted uptime, greater energy efficiency and less energy consumption.
  • The Low Energy (eLo) setting is designed to ensure a full work shift with each load, while the High Performance (HiP) setting gives the forklift excellent performance.
  • Easy side battery removal with the door that can be folded back 180º, providing longer uninterrupted uptime with a quick and easy battery change process to keep forklifts running at all times.


  • Operating comfort for the driver with ample footwell, intuitive pedal layout and a low bonnet and step. This means that entry/exit access and reverse driving cause less fatigue over long shifts.
  • The operator can enjoy smoother reversing due to reduced forklift vibrations thanks to the 80 mm travel, full suspension seat.
  • To ensure that the seat belt is used correctly, the Smart Belt System prevents the forklift from running until the operator fastens the belt.
  • The steering column is continuously adjustable using an adjustable gas support. The tilt memory option enables this column to be released so that it goes to its most vertical position so that the operator can easily exit the forklift.
  • Multiple hydraulic control selections are available: manual lever control, hydraulic controls built into the latest-design TouchPoint adjustable armrest module, an ergonomic joystick with shift direction change, return to pre-set tilt and fastening with a clamp.

Low cost of ownership

  • The correct manoeuvrability balance, battery type and performance increases productivity and performance at a lower cost.
  • Steering systems and electric braking systems are less vulnerable to dirt entry and reduce wear on parts, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • The forklift's performance settings can be adjusted and key functions monitored via the Vehicle System Management (VSM), all of which lead to application-compliant performance and low maintenance.
  • The advanced cooling system added to the thermal protection in the traction motors protect the forklift's components, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Virtually maintenance-free components such as brushless AC motors mean that Hyster electrical products only require a full service check after 1000 hours.
  • Lower costs are achieved by quickly obtaining diagnostic information.

Ease of service 

  • Easy access to power contact, relays and fuses thanks to easy disassembly of the two-piece floor plates.
  • Technicians can constantly monitor the forklift's status and plan maintenance requirements thanks to easy access to information on the screen.
  • Downtime can be reduced with the automatic parking brake system.
  • The pump, controller, motor and oil tank are located on the counterweight and are easily accessible.

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