Magni's RTH 6.51 Rotary telescopic handler achieves the highest lift height in the world, 51 metres, with a guaranteed maximum load capacity of 6 tonne.

But before continuing, let's see what this Italian brand's RTH range offers.

The RTH range: experience, reliability and versatility

The Magni RTH range is the result of years of experience and R&D in rotary telescopic handlers and meets customer demand and performance and reliability requirements.

The RTH series can solve the most varied work requirements, always with the highest level of safety and guaranteeing the best lifting performance at all times, regardless of the conditions of use.

Thanks to its great flexibility and the rotating turret with 360º movement, the RTH range is the perfect option for those who wish to maximise efficiency with a multipurpose unit.

Magni's RTH products also offer unmatched versatility, as they have a wide range of accessories (hooks, forks, platforms, baskets, jibs, etc.) and an automatic feed-back system (RFID) to attach the accessories correctly.

RTH 6.51 Rotating telescopic handler; the world's highest lifting height

Manipulador telescópico giratorio Magni RTH 6.51

The RTH 6.51 model is the latest great innovation from Magni. This rotary telescopic handler has the highest lifting height in the world: 51 metres, with a guaranteed load capacity of 6 tonne and a reach of 34.5 metres, a great advantage that enables it to handle heavy weights.

The unit's empty weight is 36.7 tonne and it has 360º rotation.

This handler is the perfect solution for all industrial and construction sites where reach and lift capacity requirements are very demanding, as it is powered by a 175 kW (238 hp) Volvo Stage V engine at 2300 rpm.

The arm has seven sections (six extensions) and is fitted with specific solutions to maximise the cross section of the hydraulic lines in order to reduce losses due to the extreme length required to reach the chosen height.

The boom sections are made of highly resistant materials, such as Ardox 400 and Domex 1100, combining light weight with high strength.

The use of two reducers with multiple reduction stages and reduced clearance increases the hydraulic rotation performance in the turret.

This mechanical and hydraulic solution achieves a fine grain control over the unit's rotation and excellent control in all positions, even in the most extreme and demanding working conditions, maintaining the necessary safety standards at all times.

Compared with the previous axle model used in the RTH 6.46, the axles of the RTH 6.51 enable the load to be doubled.

The same goes for the tyres, which are manufactured to Magni specifications using advanced and modern technology that guarantees very high performance levels and excellent durability.

Category stabilisers on the Magni RTH 6.51

The stabilisers are managed by a proportional control valve, offering millimetre precision in levelling in the most demanding conditions.

For greater operator safety, the tilt corrector and scissor stabilisers with wide support blocks offer excellent stability in all situations, guaranteeing perfect grip on any surface type.

Its dual extension scissor stabilisers are ideal for tight spaces, even when only partially stabilised, the unit is programmed to ensure the best possible load diagram on each side.

The 360º handler performs best when the stabilisers are fully extended, since it can work on a much wider stabilisation base.

The RTH 6.51 rotary telescopic handler is compatible with a wide range of accessories, more than 100 tools, thanks to the RFID system, which automatically recognises the accessory and generates the appropriate dynamic load diagrams.

RTH 6.51 rotary telescopic handler technical specifications

  • Stabilisers: Scissor type
  • Lifting capacity: 6000 kg
  • Maximum height capacity: 2000 kg
  • Lifting height: 51 m
  • Range: 34.50 m
  • Motor: Volvo TAD 583 VE - Stage V
  • Nominal power: 175 kW (238 hp) at 2300 rpm
  • Number of gears: 2/2
  • Hydraulic system: Load Sensing 350 bar
  • Length: 10,330 mm
  • Width: 2540 mm
  • Ground clearance: 340 mm
  • Empty weight: 36,400 kg
  • Displacement speed: 25 km/h
  • Rotation: 360° (continuous)
  • Standard air conditioner: Yes
  • Automatic accessory recognition: Yes