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COMPATIBLE CON MÁQUINAS: COMPACT 10 DX, HA12DX, COMPACT 12 DX, HA12PX, H12SDX TEE, HA120PX, H15SDX TEE, HA15DX, H18SDX TEE, HA16DX, H12SDX, HA16PX, H15SDX, HA16PXNT, H18SDX, HA16SPX, H12SX, HA18PX, H15SX, HA18PXNT, H18SX, HA18SPX, H12SXL, HA16RTJ, HA16RTJ, H15SXL, HA16RTJO, H18SXL, HA16RTJ PRO, HA20PX, HA20RTJ, HA20RTJ PRO, HA26PX, HA260PX, HA32RTJ PRO, HA41RTJ PRO, 25-33-40 RTS, 450 A/AJ, 260 MRT, 450 A/AJ SERIES II, 330-400 CRT, 510AJ, 330-400 CRT, 520 AJ, 1250AJP, 203-24, 1500 AJP, 210-25/245, 150 HAX, 245-12, 260-25, 320-30, GS266BRT, Z34/22IC, GS4390, Z80/60, GS5390, Z62/40, ZX135/70, 100SC, MAN, GO 12, 120SC, 160ATJ, 160 ATJ+, 180ATJ, SJ6826, SJ46 AJ, SJ6832, SJ51 AJ, SJ63AJ, SJ85AJ
10  In Stock

Largo: 32 cm

Ancho: 18 cm

Alto: 37 cm

Peso: 41.5 kg

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    Shipping available for Spain, Portugal, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

    To send our spare parts to other countries, please contact us and call this phone number: 900 230 022.