Electric pallets

Pallet trucks are a must in any warehouse and, in GAM we offer you a wide collection of used electric pallet trucks, in which you will find a variety of equipment with different sizes and capacities for the transport of goods, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

We offer you used electric pallet trucks that are in perfect condition and will offer you the highest performance. All of them are checked and overhauled by our professional mechanics, who are in charge of keeping them in the best conditions. In addition, they are pallet trucks of the best brands in the market, which are shown as a total guarantee of quality.

At GAM we have the best price on electric pallet trucks that you can find. Take advantage of the benefits we offer and get the solution you need.

Features of our used electric pallet trucks

Designed specifically for the transport of goods, electric pallet trucks are perfect for all types of applications, from the lightest to the most intensive.

They are characterized by high energy efficiency, reliability, performance, comfort and maintenance cost savings for applications in warehouses as well as in commercial areas with narrow spaces. They are easy to transport.

Versatile and with great maneuverability, we have electric pallet trucks with capacity for different loads:

  • Electric pallet trucks 1500 kg.
  • Electric pallet trucks 2000 kg.
  • Electric pallet trucks 2500 kg.
  • Electric pallet trucks 3000 kg.

We also have different types of second-hand pallet trucks: compact, super compact, walk-behind, with driver on board, with platform or manual. In this way, you will be able to get the most suitable one for the work you are going to carry out, which will offer you the highest performance.

why buy second-hand electric pallet trucks at GAM?

At GAM we offer you multiple advantages when buying second-hand electric pallet trucks, since in addition to enjoying significant economic savings, you have the possibility of getting your pallet truck online, directly through our website, without having to travel.

We are committed to the sale of electric pallet trucks by auction, an innovative system that allows you to get any of the equipment we have available at the most appropriate price, bidding with other interested users. A unique opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality.

At GAM we hold four auctions a year for the purchase of electric pallet trucks, and to participate in them you just have to register on this link and place your bid.

Used electric pallet trucks for sale

With GAM's second hand electric pallet trucks for sale you can get a high quality pallet truck at the best price, online and without having to travel. Enjoy maximum performance and save on your investment, as our pallet trucks are much cheaper than if you buy them new.

You can enjoy the best price of electric pallet trucks on the market without sacrificing quality. Make your bid and get the pallet truck you need. And if you have any questions, contact us and we will offer you all the information you need to know.