In GAM we want you to have access to the industrial machinery you need for your lifting work and we have prepared a wide catalog of used diesel forklifts, in which you will find a variety of available models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, being able to get them at the most economical price.

We offer you a wide selection of used diesel forklifts of the best brands in the market, which are in perfect condition and will offer you the highest performance. At GAM we take care of their maintenance, we constantly check them and tune them up, so they will be as if they had just left the factory.

If you need a diesel forklift, take advantage of the benefits we offer and get one of the forklifts we have available comfortably and at the most competitive price possible.

Features of our used diesel forklift trucks

GAM' s diesel or LPG forklifts are characterized by their high durability and resistance, which makes them perfect for the most demanding industrial jobs. In general, they are small forklifts equipped with a front or side forklift, with a counterweight at the rear of the forklift.

The main difference of a diesel forklift truck compared to an electric one is that it is more robust, which makes it more used in outdoor works, being a must in the logistics and warehousing sector.

We have a wide variety of forklifts with different configuration possibilities, so you can choose the one that best suits the work you are going to carry out. The load capacity will vary depending on each model, and can reach up to 9 tons.

We offer diesel forklift trucks for sale with load capacities ranging from 1,600 to 9,000 kg, which will adapt to any application or need and will offer you total reliability, increasing your productivity and performance.

why buy used diesel forklifts at GAM?

At GAM we offer you multiple advantages when buying used diesel forklifts, so if you need to get a used forklift, we assure you that you have come to the right place.

You will find the used forklift you need at the best price, which will allow you to enjoy significant savings over the purchase of one of these new equipment. All this without sacrificing quality at any time.

We offer the sale of used diesel forklifts through an auction system, through which you can bid for your equipment with other interested users. At GAM we hold a total of four auctions a year, and you simply have to register at the following link and start bidding.

Used diesel forklifts for sale

At GAM we are specialized in the sale of used diesel forklifts, and we offer you the opportunity to get the best forklifts of the best brands in the market such as Hyster, Nissan, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, Linde or Still, which are a total guarantee of quality, at the most economical price.

If you want to buy a used forklift at GAM and you have any questions, contact us and we will take care of it, offering you a complete personalized advice.